DFF / Recyclex    Environmental Management

DFF is North America's premier supplier and developer of hazardous materials disposal management and audit systems for your compliance and legislative needs. Creator of the Haz-Mat Tracking System family of software.

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DFF is a Canadian based environmental management company specializing in hazardous materials disposal management systems, site evaluation and remediation

DFF is the developer of the Haz-Mat Tracking System family of software for hazardous (chemical, radioactive and biomedical) disposal inventory management, tracking, and reporting. 

Contact DFF

Telephone   613-299-3313

Postal address     DFF, Ottawa South P.O., P.O. Box 21002, 
                                  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada  K1S 5N2

Electronic mail 1: dff@dffrecyclex.ca

Electronic mail 2: dff@recyclex.on.ca


DFF / Recyclex    Environmental Management

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