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DFF provides a range of hazardous materials disposal management software programs designed for desktop and network application.

"Haz-Mat Tracking System"  ®

The "Haz-Mat Tracking System"  ® , is a fully integrated software platform for the management of hazardous materials from point of purchase to disposal through to transport and treatment. The "Haz-Mat Tracking System" ® allows users to manifest for disposal, inventory, manage, track and report disposal treatment options for Chemical, Bio-Medical, and Radioactive materials in accordance with all  legislative and compliance requirements.

With the Haz-Mat Tracking System ® version 3.0 your company’ purchase data can now be tracked, managed and linked directly to your hazardous materials disposal data for a complete “Cradle to Grave” materials tracking. Compare your purchase and disposal inventories with the  Mass Balance” report, or link your purchase inventory directly to disposal records via the “Materials Purchase & Disposal Linking” report. Purchase data may now be tracked by Generator or individual User, or by Radioactive License and/or Permit.



Haz-Mat Tracking System ® Waste Tracker

        The Haz-Mat Tracking System ® Waste Tracker module is provided free to DFF clients for communicating to service providers and ensuring standardized application formatting for disposal treatment reporting. Haz-Mat Tracking System ® Waste Tracker is a small windows program that is easily communicated and installed onto service provider systems. For further information, please contact your DFF agent or Haz-Mat Tracking System ® client.

Haz-Mat Tracking System ® Waste Auditor

    The Haz-Mat Tracking System ® Waste Auditor software program is designed to accompany users of the Haz-Mat Tracking System ® program and aid in the creation of audit structure and analysis. 

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